DH Chippers

The deep chute on the Doppstadt DH chipper allows for the processing of large diameter in feed material. The rotor creates a high quality and consistent chip that meets most play ground specs and is also suitable for power plants, biomass plants, paper industry, sawmills, etc

The DOPPSTADT DH series precision chipper is ready to go in no time. All the control elements are centralized in one control panel for a safe and straightforward operation of the machine. By means of a remote control the most important functions can be controlled from the loaderDH Chipper photo

The swing-out radiator is easily accessible. The fan wheel of the combination cooler (water, charge air, oil cooler) is reversible thus permitting an automatic cleaning at regular intervals. The low fan speed keeps the noise level down. The engine compartment is noise insulated from all sides
Hydraulic pumps located in the engine compartment supply the control units and the hydraulic consumers.
The whole superstructure of the DOPPSTADT DH 812 is slewable on the trailer chassis by 270°. A solid full steel drum chips the material. The screening baskets and the rigid cutter bar guarantee a homogeneous product.
Feeding hopper with an aggressive feed-in chain floor; The infeed roller guarantees the feeding of all kinds and shapes of wood without problems. The chipped products are optimized by means of different screening baskets.
Short setup times thanks to the hydraulically foldable and slewable discharge arm.
Large, smooth-running doors protect against soiling and ensure an easy access for maintenance and adjustment.
Double central-axle trailer for 50 mph according to StVZO with ABS, hydraulic support, rear and side underrun protections.
The chipping blades can easily be adjusted outside the machine.
Integrated impeller blower with cast range adjustment.
Power transmission to the chipping drum is carried out by V-belts.
Central control unit: easy operation, precise adjustment.